Back to back birding/hiking weekend!

Another sunny day in the winter that we must take advantage of.


On Sunday, we went to Scarborough just 30 mins east of Toronto.

We took the subway to Warden station and then a bus to near Gully Gates Park.


We arrived at the entrance of the trail and saw a huge fence with a sign saying CLOSED due to washout. Luckily there was another trail entrance down the road so we entered it from there.


Let me tell you it was soooo muddy! Good thing that I had proper hiking boots on. There were a few times where we had to stop and shake off the mud from our boots.


The reason why we came to this park today was that my friend saw a Barred owl around this park.

We wanted to try our luck and hopefully see it too. (Barred owl is one of my lifer too….)

We walked around in the park but didn’t see any birders in the park other than us.There were mostly people who were walking their dogs.

The view of Lake Ontario from this park is particularly nice. I loved the color of the lake, it was so blue.

View of the Lake from Sylvan Park


We must have walked around this tiny park for over an hour.


Fresh woodpecker holes

Our hope of seeing one is now almost none by that time and all we saw was tons of Chickadees, a few Cardinals and this guy in a tree!!

I found a raccoon sleeping in a tree.

Raccoon in a tree

At the entrance of the park, we were shaking off the mud from our boots and studying the map to see which road to take.


Then a lady with a dog came along and asked us “were you guys looking for an owl??”

We were like “YES!!!! Do you know where?”

She gave us a huge smile and said “my husband saw it up there last week and took a picture. Not sure whether it is still here but you are definitely in a right area!”

On to the area that she pointed…… it was tiny forest that is attached to the park.


We looked and looked and looked but didn’t find it…. When we almost gave up, there it was, a little red fox that seemed really sick walking around.




This guy looked really sick with patched fur. It was limping. It actually kind of started coming close to us but we walked toward the other direction to leave it undisturbed. It eventually disappeared into the woods.


We walked along the road a bit and walked through South Marine Drive Park then ended up at Guild Park and Gardens.

Guild Park and Gardens

We took the Go train back from Guild Park.


Hopefully we will find a Barred Owl in the near future!


Happy Birding!! 🐤 🐤 🐤