This morning I found an injured Virginia Rail near my house.


He was really alert and when I got close, he stood up and tried to walk away from me.

By the look of it, his left leg was injured and was not able to walk properly.


My first instinct was to call FLAP, a non-profit organization which helps to rescue birds that have collided into buildings.


At 7am, I called the FLAP office but nobody picked up and I left an message with the location of the bird with my contact details.

The office opens at 9am and I was really worried that by the time they are open, the bird will get attacked by gulls or try to fly away with injured leg.


Meanwhile I was trying to contact the Toronto Wildlife rescue (following the instruction of the FLAP answering machine) but the office opens at 9 so I had no luck of reaching anybody.


My husband came down to the site and was thinking to rescue and drive it down to the Wildlife rescue centre himself.


But as soon as we got close to the bird, he stood up and try to run away from us.


We left there reluctantly hoping FLAP volunteer can get there in time.


On my way to work, FLAP called me and they told me that they have already rescued the bird.

Ann on the phone told me that she went down with a net and rescued the bird and now it will be on the way to the Wildlife Rescue centre.


Not only did they respond to my message but also they have rescued the bird in such a short time.


As thrilled as I was with the rescue news, I cannot thank them enough for the work they do.


I am not sure if the bird can recover from his injured leg, but at least now he has a chance to heal and survive.


This really made my day today and gave me a whole new respect for FLAP for their wonderful work they do.



今日の朝、家の近くで、左足を怪我してるVirginia Railという鳥を発見しました。